Birthday FAQs


Where is the bowling located?

On the 4th floor inside the Forum Sports Bar.


Do you have 5 & 10-pin bowling?

We offer 10-pin bowling only.


Do you have small-sized bowling balls?

No, we only carry the large-sized bowling balls; the lightest ball weighs 7lbs.


How many people can play per lane?

The maximum is 6 people per lane and each game takes approximately 45 minutes to play.


Does the Forum Sports Bar have a private party room?

No, but we have semi private areas.


Can I bring my own birthday cake?

No, we do not allow outside food. We sell housemade birthday cakes for 35$


Can I bring my own food?

No, we do not allow outside food; we have an excellent menu for kids.


Do you provide loot bags for the end of the party?

No, we do not provide loot bags, but we do offer balloon bouquets for a nominal fee.


How much does it cost for the bowling shoe rentals?

The price is included in the bowling game fee; we do not charge extra.


Can I decorate the space for my party?

Yes, you may decorate your birthday party area. The use of confetti or popcorn is not permitted.

2313 rue St-Catherine Ouest, H3H 1N2, Montréal QC


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